Five questions to Mohammed Al Fakee

What is your business all about?

‘With Green Wheel Technology, we are providing a Smart solar irrigation system for farmers in Africa, starting in Sudan. Our system is unique because it is an intelligent irrigation solution powered  by renewable energy sources .’


What are you most proud of in your entrepreneurial journey?

‘Having healthy and green crops as a result of implementing our intelligent irrigation system in our pilot project Farm. This shows the system is working great.’


What comes to your mind when thinking about your journey as an entrepreneur at Forward·Inc?

‘I started with an idea in my mind and walked out the door with a running and functioning business when finishing the Forward Incubator. We are currently running a successful pilot in the desert of Sudan’.


What is your current challenge and how can the Forward·Inc community help solve this challenge?

‘The current challenge is to convince the farmers to use such a new innovative system. The community can help by drawing attention to and promoting our system. We want to publish about our solution as much as possible so that we can start more irrigation projects in other areas.’


What do you wish for Forward·Inc and all the new participants joining the programs?

‘I wish Forward Inc to keep on succeeding in helping entrepreneurial newcomers. Forward Inc is not only helping the newcomer community in the Netherlands but also the Dutch professional community. In our case, thanks to the help of Forward·Inc, we even help the local farmer community in Sudan. So the international impact is way bigger than just helping newcomers. 

For new entrepreneurs, do not underestimate yourself, and don’t underestimate your idea! You need to work hard to succeed, but don’t give up. You are able to make your dream come true.’

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