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As a registered non-profit organisation, Forward·Inc is always looking for new donors and sponsors for our programs, events, and big future ambitions. Join our Community of funders now! Every EUR donated as a partner, a donor or a private individual will make a real difference in a newcomer’s life! All fundraising efforts are directly dispersed towards entrepreneurial newcomers and their quest to launch, grow and fund their businesses. Our vision for 2026 is to be THE one-stop-shop for newcomer entrepreneurship worldwide. Wherever forcibly displaced people are located we want to be right next to them and provide the right resources to set them up for success. To achieve this we need your support! 

Become a Donor

By becoming an institutional/organisational donor of Forward·Inc, you can support our running activities supporting entrepreneurs with a refugee background. We seek trusted relationships with philanthropic donors and invite them to be engaged and critical of our approach. Is your fund/foundation interested in financing a project with a specific focus? Feel free to reach out!

Become an Individual Donor

Every single Individual can contribute to Forward·Inc directly with a donation. You can decide if you want to support us once, or structurally. Our gratitude will be eternal either way! Curious about our budgets and expenses to see if your donation is well spent? Feel free to inquire for more information via [email protected]

Become a Partner

Forward·Inc has established Corporate Partnerships with companies such as Coca-Cola, Alnylam, Nordian Capital, SThree, Techstars and ABN AMRO Bank. We engage employees of these companies very actively through our Mentorship programs. Become a Partner now!

Good to Know

  • Forward·Inc leverages the immense talents and experiences of over 500 volunteers on a yearly basis, allowing for low overhead costs. Meaning your money will be spent directly on supporting entrepreneurial newcomers. 
  • Forward·Inc is a registered foundation, qualified as an ANBI/ Public Benefit Organisation, this may lead to tax advantages for you.
  • In the past years, we have already partnered with numerous Philanthropic Funds, Corporate Sponsors and Private Individuals who are funding Forward programs. We are experienced in reporting on our work and resulting impact and welcome external input. 
  • We are looking for all types of partners that want to engage their employees or provide other services to Forward·Inc, not only corporations.

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