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Become a valued member of the Forward·Inc Community and make a profound impact on the lives of newcomers! As a registered non-profit organisation, we rely on the generosity of donors and sponsors like you to fund our programs, events, and ambitious vision for the future. By partnering with us or making a personal contribution, every single Euro you donate directly transforms the life of a newcomer, empowering them to launch, grow, and fund their own businesses. Join us in our mission to become the global hub for newcomer entrepreneurship by 2026, bringing vital resources and support to forcibly displaced individuals wherever they may be. Your support is crucial in making this vision a reality.

Donate as a Company

Help newcomers to become economic independent!

Your contribution paves the way for newcomers to set up their own businesses and become financially independent. To date, Forward·Inc has successfully trained more than 1,000 newcomers through its five programs and assisted in the establishment of over 130 businesses.

Thanks to your generous donation, we aim to provide support to over 4,000 newcomers annually by the year 2026.

Feel free to inquire for more information about the tax benefits via the button below.



Become a partner

Help newcomers to integrate in the Dutch business ecosystem!

Forward·Inc thrives thanks to an extensive network of esteemed partners who hold a special place within the Forward·Inc Community, contributing significantly to transforming newcomers’ lives. When you partner with us, each Euro you contribute translates directly into a life-altering opportunity for a newcomer, enabling them to embark on a journey of launching, expanding, and funding their entrepreneurial ventures.

  • Forward·Inc leverages the immense talents and experiences of over 500 volunteers on a yearly basis, allowing for low overhead costs. This means your money will be spent directly on supporting entrepreneurial newcomers.
  • Forward·Inc is a registered foundation, qualified as an ANBI/ Public Benefit Organisation, this may lead to tax advantages for you.
  • Forward·Inc is experienced in reporting on our work and resulting impact and have partnered with numerous Philanthropic Funds, Corporate Sponsors and Private Individuals who are funding Forward program/
  • We are looking for all types of partners that want to engage their employees or provide other services to Forward·Inc, not only corporations.

Feel free to reach out and initiate a conversation about the endless possibilities that await us in collaboration.

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