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Our network of experts, investors, students, and coaches from various industries assist aspiring entrepreneurs with everything from concept development and becoming pitch-ready to implementing marketing strategies and scaling their businesses.

Student Consultants

This is a great opportunity for current university students, MSc candidates, and recent graduates to directly impact a newcomer’s entrepreneurial journey. They’ll be instrumental in supporting the founders get their businesses off the ground and be privy to the tools and resources needed to run a successful venture.

As a student consultant you:

  • Gain practical, real-life experience on how to start a business from scratch
  • Make a positive impact and create meaningful connections
  • Get access to Forward·Inc’s community of 500+ members, including experienced professionals from all over the Netherlands and abroad
  • Receive a certificate of completion and recommendation letter based on your performance

Our student consultants are expected to dedicate 6-8 hours per week over the course of 3-4 months.
The Forward Incubator (FI) program runs twice a year during Winter & Spring.


Coaching our newcomers in the journey to realising their entrepreneurial goals can be a fulfilling experience for both parties. Sharing industry knowledge and exchanging cultural outlooks are both instrumental in building long lasting relationships within our community. A coach’s main objective is to support the entrepreneur on a strategic level by testing key assumptions, setting realistic goals, sharing their network, providing feedback, and managing overall expectations.

Our coaches are required to commit 2 pro-bono hours per week for 3-4 months and are encouraged to meet their designated entrepreneur face to face as often as possible.

The Forward Incubator (FI) program runs twice a year during Winter & Spring from our offices in Amsterdam & Rotterdam, NL.


Qualified experts from various industries, who are unable to commit to 2hrs p/w as coaches, can still make an impact on our newcomers’ journeys through workshops (1-offs or reoccurring). These intimate sessions are geared to help the entrepreneurs with their marketing strategy, boosting sales, networking, scalability,  and investor pitch.

Participants in these programs are of diverse backgrounds and have startups in various sectors ranging from education and consumer goods to F&B and tech innovation.

Expert:   1 x 1hr session
Mentor:  3 x 1hr sessions
Trainer:   1 x 1hr workshop

Are you interested in giving these entrepreneurs a push toward excellence?


Partners / Sponsors

Our collaborations with recognisable brands have proven to be instrumental in the development of our newcomers. Access to resources, insight, workshops, and guidance is a sure way for companies to directly impact our participants’ entrepreneurial journey. Forward · Inc wants each party to shine within their respective lanes, and therefore doesn’t adhere to a “one size fits all” approach within our partnerships.

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The Dream Team

Laura Di Santolo
Co-Founder |
Managing Director

Diederick van der Wijk
Co-Founder | Head of Business

Phoebe Denham
Head of Programs | PM Growth
& Accelerator (GP & FA)

Tom Kloosterman
Business Development

Mieke Masselink
Community &
Recruitment Manager

Niranjana Menon
Program Manager
Forward Incubator (FI)

Fathya Utami
Program Manager
Digital Entrepreunership Program (DEP)

Michelle Popov
Business Development

Caiti Andrews

Caiti Andrews
Marketing &
Communications Intern

Dimple Chauhan

Dimple Chauhan
Team Facilitator &
Program Associate

Maria Pereira
Business Development

Michal Dudzinski
Business Development


Nick Pfeyffer
Program Manager GP


Hannah Bruinsma
Business Development Associate


Nowar Rahmouni
Recruitment & Communication Support

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