Privacy Policy

Personal data

FORWARD•INC collects data to operate effectively and to provide you with the best experience with our services. We only use data directly provided by our customers, suppliers and other business contacts. We may store your data on hard disks in laptops, on smart phones and with external suppliers of cloud services. Also, we may store your details on hard copies of correspondence, invoices etc. in physical files. We will make best efforts to ensure that our service providers like IT companies will issue privacy statements to protect your info to which they may need to have access.

How we use the data

FORWARD•INC only uses the data you provide to us to communicate with you and perform services requested by you. We do not store any personal data except contact details and do not use data to build profiles.

No third party access to personal data

FORWARD•INC is the sole user of any personal data. Contact details are not shared without your explicit consent. Personal data provided to or collected by FORWARD•INC are not shared with or sold to third parties.

Removal or deletion of personal data

Upon request we can immediately delete your data from our database. Furthermore, FORWARD•INC will ask for the implicit consent for the maintenance of personal data from its current and previous users every 2 years. This means that former and current contacts have the opportunity to ask for removal of their personal data from the FORWARD•INC database at such time.

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