Bader Dabbagh


“Forward•Inc alumni entrepreneur, Bader Dabbagh, makes minors at refugee camps feel at home by cooking for them.”

Five questions to Joyce Kornet-Vreugdenhill

What does the Forward·Inc community need to know about you? ‘We are an American innovation hub based in Rotterdam. We were founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts and grew into 9 cities across the world. Rotterdam was the first international expansion. We started here 6 years ago and from here we launched...

Five questions to Roua AL Halabi from Roua Atalier

What is your business all about? ‘I own a natural dye company that focuses on textile dyeing processes as well as the development of natural ingredients made from eco-friendly materials. So I work on two projects: one is creating new local pigments and techniques, and the other is education. I...

Five questions to Mohammed Al Fakee

What is your business all about? ‘With Green Wheel Technology, we are providing a Smart solar irrigation system for farmers in Africa, starting in Sudan. Our system is unique because it is an intelligent irrigation solution powered  by renewable energy sources .’   What are you most proud of in your entrepreneurial...


“This couple fled a war in Syria, and now have a company that makes “date coffee”.”

Oranje Fonds

“Roua from Syria and Mohammed from Sudan – both had to feel from their homeland. Forward·Inc has helped them secure their future. How? By helping them launch their businesses and become entrepreneurs.”

RSM Erasmus

“What started out as an interest in social entrepreneurship formed into an organisation devoted to helping newcomers in the Netherlands feel empowered to start their own businesses.”

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