Five questions to Anna Anna Duszczynska from A.D. new world

What does the Forward·Inc Community need to know about you?
‘I am a brand strategist, branding consultant, and the founder of A.D. new world – a branding consultancy for social enterprises, zebra start-ups, and businesses with impact at heart. Through my work, I channel 15 years of experience working with global brand powerhouses to try to bridge the gap between that big branding champions league and the social, impactful entrepreneurship. We’re trying to close that gap by designing branding tools that are compatible with the social economy and by educating about the role human brands can play as contributors to social capital.’

What is the relationship between Forward·Inc & A.D. new world?
‘Forward·Inc trusted me with developing a new brand strategy that went hand in hand with important questions like “How to grow?” and “How to scale while staying true to the core of our brand?” That was a difficult challenge to crack! And once we did – our relationship grew organically. I’ve helped with the 2022 Impact Report and – most recently – I gave a workshop on building a human brand. We do need human brands to help us grow human businesses. We want to change the way the world works, so we need a human approach, we need our amazing entrepreneurs and we need them to have strong and powerful brands. This was also the framework of our workshop.’

What are you most proud of in your collaboration with Forward·Inc?
‘I’m proud to be a part of this amazing community! In the industry of incubators and accelerators, everyone uses the word ‘community’ and ‘culture’, but with Forward·Inc you really feel it – you experience the power of their network and you do meet people who think differently. Entrepreneurial creativity is limitless and the belief that it exists in every single member of Forward· Community creates the energy that I just love working with. To me, it proves that smart partnerships create incredible synergy.’

What do you wish for Forward·Inc and all the new participants joining the programs?
‘My wish for the Forward·Inc – keep on growing this beautiful brand! Keep on helping more and more entrepreneurs at scale designing with and for the communities. To new participants, I’d say: yes, entrepreneurship is hard and lonely, but once you become part of the Forward · Community you will feel different. You’ll feel something real, you’ll feel that everyone there believes in you and that you’ll get all the tools you need to grow as much as you’ll get the network support. This is the experience of people who already did it and joined the programs and it should be known. This community perspective was essential
to us in our brand work.’

Who would you recommend to be fit to be part of the Forward·Inc community?
‘Forward·Inc already has the list of dream partnerships: LinkedIn, SWXW, Netflix, Vogue, Spotify, Ben & Jerry’s, and Adyen (just to name a few). Those brands can help Forward·Inc with getting the scale, exposure, and recognition they deserve. Forward·Inc impact model works on a pioneering approach and it delivers results.
Partnering with Forward·Inc would be a win-win for the brands from the champions league. I really wish for Forward·Inc to channel those big-scale partnerships into changing the fibres of society.’

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