Opportunities From Our Partners : 5 Questions to Denise Van De Sant

Opportunities From Our Partners : 5 Questions to Denise Van De Sant

Young Colfield and Forward partnered up to give talented young professionals like Denise the opportunity to work for Forward for several months, gain experience and make an impact on the newcomer community.

Companies interested in hiring young professionals from Young Colfield in project management, change management, innovation, learning and development and sustainability can get in touch with us to receive an introduction!

We asked some questions to Denise about her experience at Forward·Inc and this partnership. Keep reading to discover what she has to say!

Why did you decide to join Forward·Inc?

At Forward·Inc there are so many possibilities. If you have a new idea in the morning, you can execute it the same day if you want. This dynamic work environment is something I was longing for in my new job.

What do you enjoy most about working at Forward·Inc?

I love my job as a Team Facilitator, especially because we really are making a difference in the lives of newcomers. I enjoy supporting them in every possible way I can, and seeing them grow so much during the program makes me very happy.

Why should companies work together with Young Colfield to hire talent?

Young Colfield Trainees are young professionals with a self-conscious vision, healthy ambition and their own personality. They can adequately address customers, dare to ask questions and show their uninhibited selves.

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