Five question Nour Alzaman

Five Questions to Nour Alzaman Abou Chair from Arabic is Simple

What is your business about?

‘My business, Arabic is simple, is my beautiful baby. Arabic is Simple is a platform where organizations that work with newcomers get a chance to learn about the Arabic culture and the Arabic language, specifically the spoken Levantine language, to communicate on a better level with the newcomers. By doing this, they assist the newcomers by offering them valuable help, which helps to avoid many issues associated with misunderstandings’.


How did you come up with the idea?

‘Here, at Forward Inc. I joined the program with some vague ideas. I wanted to do something in education and focus on the Arabic language & culture. But starting a business was never something I considered. We started Arabic is Simple together while I was in the Forward Incubator program, with the assistance of coaches and student consultants. We pitched it in February and won the first prize, and that was the beginning of Arabic is Simple. Here in the Netherlands, I discovered my passion for teaching, and when I joined Forward, my passion turned into a successful business.’


What are you proud of in your entrepreneurial journey?

‘I always keep going, regardless of how challenging it becomes. I take pause and start again.’


What comes to mind when thinking about your journey with Forward?

‘I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for what I have learned at Forward. I didn’t even know what the word “entrepreneurship” meant. I had zero knowledge about business. I was good at things like culture, languages, literature, and book writing, but it never crossed my mind to have a business. So everything that has to do with the business, I learned with Forward and my amazing coach and wonderful, smart team members. I want to thank my coach for teaching me whatever I know now about business. And, thanks to the team members’ information or knowledge, as well as the workshops that we have here. For months, I gave my business my full attention, and my team helped me along the way. They taught me everything about the business, and from there, they opened the doors for me. I’m still utilizing the knowledge they shared as I slowly progress.’


What is your current challenge, and how can we, as a community, help solve that challenge?

‘That is a very difficult question to answer. Because there are multiple challenges and something new keeps coming. But I will share a recent challenge. I have launched an app, and the biggest challenge that I am facing is increasing my subscribers. I am learning how to do marketing in a program by Forward Inc. to overcome that challenge.’


What do you wish for Forward Inc. and all the new entrepreneurs joining?

‘I wish them the best of luck. Forward is showing the side that we (newcomers) don’t know. I always tell new participants in the programs that their journey won’t be simple and that they will have to work incredibly hard to build their dream company.’

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