Five questions to Roua AL Halabi from Roua Atalier

What is your business all about?

‘I own a natural dye company that focuses on textile dyeing processes as well as the development of natural ingredients made from eco-friendly materials. So I work on two projects: one is creating new local pigments and techniques, and the other is education. I teach individuals about my business, fashion designers about natural dye, and kids about technique and how to start shaping their behaviors around using more natural products early on. I accomplish this by holding seminars, collaborating directly with educational institutions, and engaging parents on various groups’ platforms. I want to focus my future efforts on developing regional components that are more representative of the Netherlands.


What are you most proud of in your entrepreneurial journey?

‘When I first started my business, I concentrated on discovering new substances to work with, developing my processes, and letting my work speak for itself. However, I am pleased with how I began to prioritize my business. Making it more sustainable required a voyage of business-minded thought.’


What comes to your mind when thinking about your journey as an entrepreneur at Forward·Inc?

‘I participated in Forward·Inc in a number of ways. I find it amazing that while all of the new entrepreneurs are expanding via various initiatives at Forward·Inc, the company is also expanding with these entrepreneurs. That is motivational since we all understand that progress is a journey. Observing various businesses and the ways in which various individuals plan, organize, and develop their respective firms are equally fascinating.’


What is your current challenge and how can the Forward·Inc community help solve this challenge?

‘The biggest obstacle I’m now encountering is finding funds to expand my business. I can benefit from the Forward·Inc community since there are events happening all the time that are excellent networking opportunities. The group can also support me when I pitch my ideas to potential investors. Another issue I’m dealing with is cash flow, which I discussed with the Forward·Inc team. To make my business more sustainable, we came up with concepts and next actions.’


What do you wish for Forward·Inc and all the new participants joining the programs?

I would advise the participants to keep trying since there is no failure, just a brief gap. Keep dreaming always. Moreover, make a modest beginning.

I hope that Forward·Inc expands into additional nations so that its initiatives can help an increasing number of individuals.’

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