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We’ve had the honour of working with incredibly ambitious and talented newcomers since our inception in 2017. The startups below are just a few examples of the businesses we’ve helped launch through our programs. They’re active in various industries (food and beverage, tech, agriculture, consumer goods, media, education, construction, and art) – reflecting the range of skills and interests of our participants. Forward·Inc has trained over 1000 newcomers, and 132 businesses have been launched.

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Alumni Stories

Here is an intro about some of the inspiring journeys Forward·Inc alumni have taken.

To view a wider range of entrepreneur stories, as well as what they have to offer, visit Entrepreneur Products and Services


Green Wheel

Creating more reliable, efficient and eco-friendly irrigation solutions for East African and Middle Eastern agriculture companies.

Irrigation farming protects a crops from extreme weather conditions and helps increase food production by providing a consistent water source. Through partnerships with the leading Solar pump producers in Europe, Green Wheel will take customers through every step of the solar pump procurement process, providing customers with the necessary information and expertise to ensure a smooth transition from and reliance on diesel pumps to a more sustainable solar irrigation solution.




A tasty beverage made from up-cycling date seeds that promotes a healthy lifestyle. 

Daffee is a coffee-like (100% caffeine-free) organic energy booster full of antioxidants and protein – serving as a natural tonic for the body. Made  from roasted and ground date seeds, this product has proven to be a great alternative for coffee / tea. In addition to the beverage the founders have recently launched a multi-flavoured nutritious mini bar called “Mira Bites”.


ARspar Technologies

3D models and integrated payment systems for e-commerce retailers.

Founded on the belief that everyone has the right to the best shopping experience, ARspar continues to take smart risks while challenging the status quo. Through “augmented reality” solutions, retailers are able to  showcase their products in a straightforward and user friendly way.



Fast and reliable renovation services in Amsterdam.

AskPro Renovatie en Onderhoud’s mission is to employ at least 30 craftsmen newcomers and provide quality renovation services to the greater Amsterdam area within the next five years. Doing so, they’ll help ­­­newcomers adapt and integrate into Dutch society while contributing to the local economy.


Bites by Ola

Because of the war, the Syrians carried their kitchen with them in the countries of displacement.

Some flavours became very far away, and some ingredients became difficult to obtain after they were readily available. The Syrians changed the form of their relationship with their kitchen after the war, the Syrian cuisine has become a kind of nostalgia. Its smell and taste are related to our pre-war life and remind us of our innocent childhood. The Syrians took their kitchen taste, and the idea of serving Syrian food was not just food to be eaten. Rather, it has become the story of people who wants to prove that we still have memories, past and history. Even if our expression of all feelings of longing and nostalgia is a meal, the most important of its ingredients are love and care.
Enjoy our meals!

Five questions to Mohamed Alassar from Askpro

From 20 years of engineering professional experience in Syria to empowering fellow craftsmen newcomers through Askpro in the Netherlands- a quality renovation service business in the greater Amsterdam area   What is your business about? ‘My business, it's a house with a drive. We do all the renovation for the house inside and...

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