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The Growth Program (GP) is a 10-week hybrid course program that focuses on growing revenue and building thriving businesses while embracing sustainable practices and maintaining a high level of professionalism.

GP provides personalised support to facilitate your business growth journey. Our tailored workshops and coaching enable you to become full-time businesses and be ready for joining an accelerator.

The learning period for the Class of Fall 2023 is 2nd October – 8th December 2023.  Are you interested in taking your business to the next level?

Format of the Program

GP starts with core curriculum workshops and then moves to workshops based on topics relevant to your business, such as paid marketing, social media, B2B sales, and negotiation. It is after the core curriculum period that entrepreneurs will start the mentorship program, which will address their specific challenges. In this way, entrepreneurs will be able to tackle their real problems and extract more value from the experience.

Get ready for an engaging fourteenth-weeks program designed for newcomers, packed with 10 modules that will boost your business and allow you to achieve tangible results.


Learning Outcomes

      1. Investor Readiness & Financial proficiency: Complete the business plan and the financial model, updated your pitch deck, and start preparing for investment.
      2. Develop & Implement a Marketing Strategy: Complete and implement the marketing strategy, achieve high quality and authentic engagement, and increase customer reach.
      3. Develop & Implement a Sales Strategy: Complete and implement your sales strategy, boost sales, and prepare for scaling (new product/services).
      4. Build Network & Pitch Ready for future investments: Be confident and ready to present your business and get clarity on the next steps for Investor Readiness & Forward Accelerator.
      5. New Network: Expand your network by connecting with fellow participants and engaging with Forward’s vibrant community, fostering valuable relationships and potential collaborations.
      6. Opportunity for Forward Accelerator: For eligible participants, the opportunity to continue your entrepreneurial journey by joining the Forward Accelerator or Mentorship Program.
      7. Certificate of Completion: Receive a certificate of completion, recognising your successful completion of the program and the acquisition of vital business knowledge and skills.

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Upon successfully completing the course, you will be awarded a certification of completion. This certification will include a unique credential number that validates your acquisition of essential knowledge in entrepreneurship or business. It serves as tangible proof of the skills you have learned, enabling you to showcase your knowledge in the field.


Eligibility criteria

      • Business Plan Draft Completed.
      • Ready to Register ORRegistered at Chamber of Commerce.
      • Active Website & Social Media.
      • Supply Chain ready (you can produce your products or services).
      • Have paying customers/have active users.
      • You spend 20-30 hours per week on your business.


Questions you may have

Q: What are the requirements to be get accepted to the program?

A: There are specific criteria in terms of business development and knowledge. The criteria are the following:

      1. 20-30hours/week available to spend on Business
      2. Business Plan Draft Completed
      3. Legal Incorporation: Viable to/Registered with the Chamber of Commerce
      4. Active Website & Social Media
      5. Supply Chain ready (you can produce your products or deliver your services)
      6. Has Paying Customers
      7. Entrepreneurial mentality. Open to receiving having an  feedback and agile mindset

Q: Do participants owe upfront monetary payments to complete Forwar·Inc Programs?

A: No, the GP program is free of charge if you are accepted. There is a contract for you to sign with Forward·Inc. The contract, if you have NOT completed the previous program Forward Incubator, you need to have an agreement. If you finished Forward Incubator, you will need to review the contract and summary.  Once accepted into the program, you will receive a copy to sign digitally. However, also non of these require any upfront monetary payments.

Q: Can two people share the same project?

A: Yes, absolutely, and you do not need to apply individually.



“The program helped me set my business priorities, make my financial model more realistic, change my prices, and diversify customers’ options. Made me believe more in my business and myself as an entrepreneur, and exposed me to the newcomer community, which allowed me to improve my communication skills, gain friends and professional connections, and encourage me to fight the fear of being in a new community.” – Khadijah Alsirafy, alumni spring 2023, a newcomer from Egypt in The Netherlands.

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“I shaped my business idea, plan the marketing and sales funnel, learn about the Dutch market, increase my network reach, and most importantly, motivate me to seek help and show my business more.” – Karam Abd, alumni spring 2023, a newcomer from Iraq in the Netherlands.

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